Posted by: John Gillmartin | February 18, 2009

A Tale of Two Thumbs …

Yesterday (17 February 2009), newly elected President Barack Obama declared war on half the citizens of the United States of America. With the scratch of his ex, our first (and I hope our last) leftist President signed into law what is commonly known as the 2009 Economic Stimulus Bill, the largest grab of federal excess in the two centuries old history of this nation.

With the duplicity and complicity of a Democratically controlled Congress, Obama violated the U. S. Constitution in so many places and in so many ways no one man can enumerate them. Not one official in the entire US government can explain to the American public what the bill includes, no one knows because no one read it.

Thousands of mini-bills were ripped wholesale from their resting places in Democratic desk drawers and file cabinets, quickly rushed to a plethora of congressional trolls who blended the swill into a single gargantuan omnibus bill, which was then sped to the great mass of taxpayer supported non-readers to sign. It was.

And yet even if it were read, the number of legislative slights of hand were so numerous no man or group could sort out the duplication, overlap, and abuse of the pantheon’s progeny for decades to come – if we survive the debacle.

The duly elected Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate (plus three Judas RINOs) threw out the rule of law (the US Constitution) and two centuries of government of the people, by the people, and for the people without a twinge of regret. Like school children hiding behind the bleachers, having smoked their first cigarette, they giggled and smirked at what they had just done … the oaths of office and fiduciary responsibilities gone like the flatulence of pastured bovine.

Today, with all the flair of a solemn Greek tragedy, Obama spoke to the nation in a public appearance in Arizona, telling the nation (in so many words) “I am now in charge and I will tell you how you will live and there is nothing you can do about it!” Truthfully, if I closed my eyes I could clearly see Hugo Chavez or was it Fidel Castro? This man is one step away from a charismatic Ahmadinejad.

This has now culminated in what can only be described as an “enemies list” … at the head of which are conservatives of every size, shape, and stripe.

Oh, the two thumbs? Well, there are two basic groups in the USA right now; one group is sucking their thumb, the other is sitting on theirs. As soon as I figure out which is which, I’ll let you know.

May the God of heaven forgive us our transgressions and restore our great land to health and liberty.



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