Posted by: John Gillmartin | March 4, 2009

IF I WERE AN IMMIGRANT: Why minorities vote …

I’ve been thinking on this subject for about 30 years; ever since I first started voting seriously and noticing the phenomena. I am assuming it was the influence of Ronald Wilson Reagan, during the days of César Chávez.

The question I’ve asked myself during those three decades is one of life’s great mysteries: why do minorities (especially immigrants from Mexico, Central, and South America) predominantly vote for the one party which factually, historically, and sociologically oppresses them?

I believe the answer is found in ignorance* grounded in misinformation; ignorance being the absence of knowledge; misinformation, as I mean it, being false knowledge.

Rush Limbaugh and others are right when they say ignorance is the most serious disease in America today; they are also right when the say ever since the war on poverty started forty years ago (previous periods of this exist as well), the democrats have fought to keep and grow their base with a politics of ignorance (separating their base from the marketplace of ideas and nanny-state dependence) and the propaganda of misinformation (defeatism, cultural confusion, class envy, stereotyping the opposition and, of course, the Big Lie).

My point is not directed at the schemes or duplicity of the Democrat/Liberal but rather at the cultural and familial preconditioning of the ignorant and misinformed immigrant.

Think about it! Our worldviews are preconditioned by our families and our heritage, then aggravated or enhanced by whatever life experiences we acquire during our journey.

Most of these (those I’m addressing) come from nations where the elite and rich are oppressive and powerful, they dominate the politics of life in their former homelands. Unless privileged, they are conditioned by lack and by real grievances against the rich and powerful.

Immigrants tend to self-segregate according to the traditions and culture of their acquired worldviews; so, immediately upon (even before) arriving here, these new Americans are energized by the knowledge and information baggage brought with them and then polluted by the prejudices of those who preceded them to their new home.

My Latino, Mexicano, and missionary friends inform me that most immigrants believe the rich and the elite in America are all Republicans  or Conservatives (or that all Republicans/Conservatives are elite and rich). However, they are also told in America they have the vote, and have the collective strength to keep the rich and the elite (read Republican or Conservative) of their new home from power.

Now, since they are conditioned to accept what they are told by families and by the trusted of their cultures, they are kept in ignorance; this ignorance is nurtured by misinformation. And this is generationally contagious.

My thesis is this – when ignorance and misinformation prevail in a given culture, the resulting fruit manifests itself as irrational or illogical behavior. In this case, voting for those who can do them the most harm but against those who have been shown historically their most ardent benefactors – sort of an immigrant’s  Stockholm Syndrome.

I am convinced immigrant minorities vote Democrat/liberal not because Republicans/Conservatives are what they are accused of being but rather because of a misinformed stereotype of them which perpetuates a sad ignorance an unawareness among them. From what I know of this phenomena, among my minority acquaintances, it is a preconditioned fear of oppression and a resentment of the privileged.

Republicans and Conservatives must learn the lessons of Saul D. Alinsky ‘s Rules for Radicals and marginalize the Liberals/Democrats, isolate their target (immigrant minorities) – freeze them, personalize them, and polarize them. Just like the Dems and Libs have been doing for 4 decades.


* By using the term’s historical meaning I am trying to avoid the accusation of the poliitcally correct that I’m calling minorities “stupid.”



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